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What is Babingtons dog food and cat food 

100% Palm Oil Free

"Babingtons" is trademarked brand name owned by Feather 'n' Fur Pet Supplies, a modest bricks and mortar shop in a small ( but growing) village in Leicestershire, we have traded since 2000 and several years ago released our own dog and cat food.

Having seen big rises in prices in brand name foods we found (after consultation with one of Europes leading pet food manufacturers) that we could produce  our own very high quality food without a big brand name or price. Babingtons was born!


Improving your Dog’s Gut Health via Pet Food Ingredients

Pet food ingredients can influence the gut health of dogs. Our Grain Free recipes have been formulated with ingredients to help support gut health and promote healthy digestion.

1) Hypoallergenic

Hypoallergenic diets are a great option for dogs with more sensitive digestion, as they can be used to help eliminate common allergens from the diet. Our Grain Free range is hypoallergenic as the recipes have been formulated without grains (such as wheat, maize & barley), soya and dairy. We also have a large number of single protein recipes available to help eliminate specific proteins from the diet when necessary.

2) Prebiotics

Prebiotics are classed as non-digestible ingredients that probiotics (the good bacteria in the gut) can feed off. These help to increase the populations of healthy bacteria in the gut to help support good digestion. This is why our Grain Free recipes are formulated with Prebiotics MOS (Mannanoligosaccharides) and FOS (Fructooligopsaccharides). One of the biggest advantages of prebiotics is that they are highly stable as they are unaffected by either temperature or long-term storage, so they are very beneficial as an ingredient in dry pet foods.

3) Fibre

It’s thought that consumption of fibre can help to reduce symptoms in some dogs with gastrointestinal upset and support good gut health. Our Grain Free recipes are formulated with beet pulp which is a great source of soluble and insoluble fibre. Insoluble fibre helps to encourage good stool formation and promote normal gastrointestinal movement so that an optimal level of nutrients can be absorbed from the food. The soluble fibre also acts as a prebiotic food source for the ‘good’ bacteria in the gut to maintain normal digestive function.

4) Freshly Prepared Ingredients

 Freshtrusion™ technology allows us to include Freshly Prepared meats in our recipes. These meats are of a high quality, are easily digestible and gentle on the gastrointestinal tract making them beneficial ingredients for those dogs with more sensitive digestion. High digestibility of these ingredients is also advantageous as it means that a high proportion of nutrients are available for absorption by the dog.


Babingtons has been hugely successful in our village, so  much so that we rarely get asked for other feeds, but we can usually obtain them if needed.

Some of our customers have moved away over the years and asked if they could buy Babingtons online, and so this website was born.  Of  course this now opens our products up to the nation as a whole, and we now have customers nationwide.

You are of course welcome to visit our shop. Open 5 days a week, closed Sunday and Monday, open 9am till 6.30 week days and we close at 4pm Saturday.

If you are nearby, drop in for a free sample of Babingtons.

87 Babington Road


Leics LE12 8NH


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