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15kg, Working dog recipes

Working dog recipes

All of our working dog recipes are VAT free and come in 15kg sacks.

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Chicken & Sweet Potato with herbs 15kg working dog
Choice Chicken hypoallergenic food for dogs, chicken has long been popular with dogs and is an excellent eand easily digestible protein source , along with sweet potato which provides a slower natural sugar release than grains and cereal
Duck & Sweet Potato with Orange 15kg Working Dog
Lamb & Sweet Potato with mint 15kg working dog
Hypoallergenic totally grain free high meat content dog kibble. 15kg
Pork & Sweet Potato with Apple 15kg working dog
Tasty Pork and Sweet Potato with Apple. Dogs love this nourishing diet.
Salmon & Trout, Sweet Potato with asparagus 15kg working dog
Babingtons Hypoallergenic totally grain free high meat content dog kibble.
Tasty Tuna/salmon with Sweet Potato & Broccoli 15kg working dog
Tasty Tuna/Salmon with Sweet Potato and Broccoli 15kg
Turkey & Sweet Potato with Cranberry 15kg working dog
Tasty Turkey and Sweet Potato with Cranberry. Dogs love this nourishing diet.
Venison & Sweet Potato with Mulberry15kg working dog
Venison and Sweet Potato with Mulberry. delicous game and fruit that dogs love
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